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Seminario - "Extremely low frequency magnetic fields for the treatment of cancer?"

Giovedì 1 marzo alle ore 14 il dott. Leonardo Makinistian terrà un seminario dal titolo: Extremely low frequency magnetic fields for the treatment of cancer? In Aula Ruffini, DIMES, Sede di Istologia, Embriologia e Biologia Applicata, Via Belmeloro 8

Il relatore così riassume la sua proposta: The main idea would be to super briefly present the subject of bioeffects of ELF-MFs, a few slides referring to proposed bio-physical-chemical mechanisms of interaction, and a discussion of the idea of searching for specific exposure conditions that would inhibit cancer cell proliferation, discussing some selected articles from the literature. Finally, I would devote some minutes to mentioning my work on the subject so far.

Pubblicato il 26 gennaio 2018